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Welcome to
PLC Aquatic

The PLC Aquatic Centre 

PLC Aquatic offers the following programs

Learn to Swim and Water Safety Programs (weekly term and Intensive holiday programs)

Learn to Dive Programs (Stars and Bronze Squads) 

Learn Synchronised Swimming Programs (Stars and Bronze Squads) 

Club Swim Training (Bronze/Silver/Gold squads)

Club Diving (Silver and Gold Squads) 

Club Synchronised Swimming (Silver and Gold Squads)


Our website, in parts, is still under construction.  

Please email us for  information not found and

enquiries which have not been answered.

Learn To Swim and Water Safety Programs
Holiday programs

Learn essential life skills in Water Safety, Swimming and Survival for children from the ages of 6 months through to adults.

Swim Club

Catering for both competitive and non-competitive swimmers, swimming for personal achievement through to striving for National dreams the PLC Aquatic Swimming Club caters for athletes of all abilities.

Dive Club

Springboard diving is exciting, fun and rewarding. A club for divers of all levels - recreational through to elite, PLC Aquatic encourages those who are up for the challenge. Come for a trial anytime.

Artistic Swimming

Artistic Swimming (Synchro) is an exciting team sport that helps to build strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence in a creative and fun

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Community Sports

Located on the Presbyterian Ladies College school campus, we are a diverse Aquatic Centre for boys and girls of all ages.

We offer Learn to Swim programs, Club Swimming, Diving and Artistic Swimming (Synchro).

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