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Teamwork, strength, creativity.

Artistic Swimming

Artistic Swimming challenges swimmers to push their boundaries and learn unique skills, all while staying perfectly in sync. It is a great sport for those who want to build their fitness, express themselves creatively or are keen to try something a little different.

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Club Focus

Our focus is to develop the synchronised swimmer's love of the sport, their fitness, technique, training, knowledge and competition skills, in a positive and enjoyable environment whilst providing swimmers at every level the opportunity to reach their full potential.​

Is Artistic Swimming for Me?

Artistic Swimming is for everyone who has a love for water, swimming, music, dance, gymnastics, ballet and fun. The development of an artistic swimmer will depend on the level of swimming skills, technique, strength and fitness they have.

We advise that continuing to learn to swim until the swimmer reaches  squad level is most important.

Swimming Prerequisites

All children must be confident swimming in deep water and be able to swim at least 25m Freestyle, 25m Backstroke and 25m Breaststroke before moving into Bronze squad.

Swimmers are invited from Bronze squad to join the Silver and Gold squads at the discretion of the coaches.


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Squad Program

Synchro Stars, Bronze, Silver & Gold

Do you enjoy dancing or gymnastics but  love moving through the water? Come and try Synchronised Swimming and experience the grace and beauty of this sport.

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Holiday Programs

January, Easter, July

and September

A 4-day 'Introduction to Synchro' for beginners are held each school term break.


The program covers learning sculling, moving and treading water, synchro shapes and skills combining these to develop a short routine.

Squad Program

Artistic Swimming: Team Sports

Synchro Stars



Advanced Beginners

40 minute sessions offered, Wednesday 3:50pm and Friday 4:30pm.

Basic skills and Star testing, including beginner routine.

Swimming Pre-requisite: 25m Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke

90 minute sessions, offered Wednesday 4:30pm, Friday 5:10pm and Saturday 8:20am.

Establishing basic skills, advanced Star testing developing routines.

Swimming Pre-requisite: 50m Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke



State Competitors


National Competitors

2 hour sessions offered Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Training at least 2 sessions per week working on strength, flexibility, skills figures and routines (Solo, Duet and Team) to compete at the State Championships.

2.5 hour sessions offered Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Training at least 3 sessions per week working on strength, flexibility, skills figures and routines (Solo, Duet and Team) to compete at our National Championships. 



Maddi Voumard

Co-Head Coach

Maddi began swimming when she was 7 and quickly developed into a very strong swimmer, earning medals at 6 National Championships and one at Oceania all during just a 7-year career. She now shares the role of Head Coach with Leonie and together they run a strong passionate club.

Francesca Lam


Francesca has been coaching at PLC Aquatic for 3 years whilst still training and competing at National Level.

Francesca's creativity and artistic flare was evident when competing and she brings these skills to her coaching. Francesca has competed at National level, in Solo, Duet and Team events and with this knowledge and experience she helps coach the senior squads preparing them for State and National competition.

Eloise Vernon


Eloise has 9 years of experience in Artistic Swimming, as both a competitor and coach. Starting Artistic Swimming at age of 11 years, lEloise fell for the theatric characteristics of the sport combining dance with water and music. Eloise has competed at National level, in Solo, Duet and Team events. She has been coaching at PLC Aquatic for the past year bringing her passion for the sport into routines she designs for our junior teams.

Membership and Fees

Come and Try - anytime!


Holiday Programs each term break.


Free Synchro Star classes for holiday programs when children book into our Learn to Swim Holiday Program Level 5 (Pink) and above.


To join the club:

The Athlete's Detail Form must be completed before training begins and must be updated annually.

Fees vary from term to term, depending on the number of training weeks each term and are payable by the second week of term (fees include GST). There is also an annual competition levy for girls in Silver and Gold squads.


Swimmers in Silver and Gold Squads must also register, as a competitive swimmer, annually with Victorian Synchronised Swimming Inc. (VSSI) and Synchronised Swimming Australia (SSAI) via the VSSI website.

General Information



Competitions are planned at the beginning of each year, and tend to fall around the dates below:

States: February, September, October, December

Nationals: March - April

Details can be found on the SynchroVic website.


Swimmers in Silver and Gold Squads must also register annually with Victorian Synchronised Swimming Inc. (VSSI) and Synchronised Swimming Australia (SSAI) via the VSSI website.

There are two types of registration, competitive and recreational - swimmers must select the registration most appropriate for them.


Synchro Parents

Parental involvement is encouraged in our club, whether that be through volunteering time to help out at competitions, fundraising, being part of the VSSI committee, helping promote our club to increase membership, travelling with the team at Nationals or driving their daughters to early morning training.

With the support of great parents, PLC Synchro swimmers can achieve great things.

Facilities at PLC

PLC Aquatic centre has a 6-lane 25m lap pool and adjacent 3.8m dive pool. Both of these pools are used during PLC Synchro training sessions, but the dive pool is the main training area so confidence in deep water is a must!

Club Pick up and Drop Off Access to the Aquatic Centre

Club Members training early in the morning or later into the evening may apply for a RFID card which gives them access to be dropped off or collected through Gate 1. Access times are from 4:50am -7:45am and 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

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