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General Information

New Student Enrolment

New students will be given a PLC Aquatic swimming cap, which corresponds to their swimming level. This may be collected from the office and is to be worn during lessons.

Starting Programs Mid-way Through a Term

Pro-rata rates apply when booking programs after the term has commenced. 


Stroke, water safety and survival competencies are assessed continually during the term for each student. In this way, a student can progress to a new level as soon as they are ready. Upon completion of each level, students will receive:
1. a letter of 'Congratulations' which includes the name and AUSTSWIM number of their instructor 
2. a sticker to be placed on the bubble on the front of the certificate which can be downloaded once the parent portal is is accessible
3. a new cap for the next level, to be collected for your next lesson

Make Up Lesson Policy

Students who miss a lesson are entitled to one make up lesson per term by booking a time on the specified date for that term (refer to Term Dates).

It is not necessary to notify your absence.

Email to book a make-up lesson Contact us

Changing Lesson Times

Change of time may be requested at the beginning of a term when re-enrolling. Lessons can be changed during the term if a place is available. This must be requested via email and will incur a $32 administration fee.

Contact us

Private Lessons

Bookings must be arranged and paid for in advance.

Shared private classes may be available, please discuss this with our team.

Lessons cannot be transferred

Lessons times are not guaranteed from one term to the next and must be renegotiated at the beginning of each new term.

Missed lessons cannot be made up as a private lesson but can be taken in a regular class on our make up day.

Please contact our Learn To Swim coordinator.

Transfers, Cancellations, Refunds

Must be requested in writing. Contact us

Credits will not be given for missed lessons prior to written notification.

An administration fee of $30.00 per child will apply for lesson changes/transfers/cancellations (when a med certificate is not provided)

Credits will apply for when a medical certificate is provided or transfers are requested.


The easiest and safest place to park is in the senior school carpark. Car access is via Gate 4 in Parer Street. Alternatively, pedestrians may use Gate 5 in Parer Street, following the path directly to the Aquatic Centre.

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