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Swimming & Water Safety

Learn To Swim

For help in deciding an appropriate level email our Learn to Swim Coordinator at:

Learn To Swim: Team Sports

Program Levels

Learn To Swim Levels
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Level 1 - White

a child who:
- is new to swimming or never had lessons
- is happy and likes the water
- is still not confident in water
- is learning to put their face (eyes, nose and mouth) under the water
- enjoys the water but cannot float independently
- is learning to kick through the water


Level 2 - Red

a child who:
- can float independently on their back and front (with face in the water)
- can kick on their front (face in the water)
- can kick independently on their back with an aid
- is beginning to learn freestyle 
- is beginning to learn backstroke


Level 3 - Orange

a child who:

- can torpedo at least 5m without an floatation aid

- can freestyle 5m without breathing

- can backstroke 5m with a floatation aid

- is learning breaststroke kick


Level 4 - Purple

for a child who:

- can freestyle 7m, breathing to the side

- can backstroke 7m without a floatation aid

- can breaststroke kick with feet turned out (dorsiflex)

- is confident in deep water of up to 1.8m


Level 5 - Pink

a child who:

- can swim fluent freestyle with bi-lateral breathing at least 12m

- can backstroke at least 12m

- learning breaststroke, arms/legs/breathing-timing

- can dolphin kick 12m

- can competently and confidently swim in water up to 1.8m deep, unaided


Level 6 - Royal Blue

a child who:

- can fluently swim 25m freestyle and backstroke

- can fluently swim 15m breaststroke (correct timing kick has dorsiflex feet)

- is learning butterfly

- can swim 25m lifesaving backstroke

PLC Holiday Program 2020-2532.jpg

Level 7 - Light Blue

a child who:

- can fluently swim 50m with correct start/turn/finish in freestyle and backstroke

- can fluently swim 25m breaststroke with correct start/turn/finish

- can swim 10m butterfly with fins


Level 8 - Green

a child who:

- can fluently swim 75m with correct start/turns/finish in freestyle and backstroke

- can fluently swim 50m breaststroke with correct start/turns/finish

- can fluently swim 15m butterfly

- knows the correct turns for breaststroke and butterfly

Lesson Times

Learn to Swim Times

White - Light Blue (Levels 1-7)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (40 min lessons)

3:50pm | 4:30pm | 5:10pm | 5:50pm  &  Private classes

Saturday (40 min lessons)

8:00am | 8:40am | 9:20am  | 10:00am | 10:40am | 11:20am

Green Squad (Level 8)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (50 min lessons)

3:50 | 4:40pm | 5:30pm


Saturday (50 min lessons)


Babies, Infants and 2-3 yr olds

Saturday (40min) 

8:00am | 8:40am  | 9:20am  | 10:00am

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