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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your teachers qualified?

All our Learn to Swim teachers are AUSTSWIM qualified and we are members Swim Australia. All staff have their Provide First Aid qualification and many are Lifeguard trained.

How long does it take for my child to progress through a level?

Children learn differently and at varying rates. It is dependent on a child's prior experiences and opportunities, their confidence in and around water, anxiety levels, lesson frequency and consistency. There is no answer to this question as children progress at their own ability

What does my child need to pass in order to move to the next level?

Parents may ask the LTS deck supervisor or even better, have your child ask their teacher so they know exactly what they need to work on and how they are progressing. There should be no secrets.

What happens if we miss a class or my child is not well?

Every child is entitled to one make up lesson per term, which must be booked, regardless of the reason. The lesson is scheduled at the end of the term. Booking this lesson is easy, call into the office or email

Can my child swim before and after their class?

Unfortunately not. This is a private facility, not supervised by a lifeguard for recreational swimming.

Can I have a trial? Not necessary.

We test your child in their first lesson. Your child will be moved if necessary during this lesson and we would rather move them up rather than down. Consider carefully when selecting their level as our level criteria is quite specific and we like to ensure your child has a happy and rewarding first class.

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