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Artistic Swimming Club Policies

Athlete & Parent Code of Conduct

Change Room Policy

At no time are persons 5 years and over, permitted to enter the change room of the opposite gender.

Carers wishing to change or dress their children over the age of 5 years and of the opposite gender may use the disable /family change room (people with disabilities will have priority when using this facility).

Visual Recording Equipment

Any item capable of recording visually must not be used in the change room. This includes mobile phones.

Visual recording equipment must not be used in the  Aquatic Centre without permission from the Centre Manager.

Healthy Swimming Practices

1. Shower and wash with soap before you enter the water.

2. Toilet children before their lesson.

3. Change nappies in nappy-changing areas, not by the poolside.

4. Wash your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet or handling nappies.

5. Children who have not been toilet trained should wear tight-fitting waterproof nappies.​

6. Avoid swallowing water.

Access and Parking Arrangements

1. Entry and exit into the college is only permitted via Gate 4, Parer Street. Monday - Saturday.

2. Parking is permitted in the senior school car park.

3. Parking is NOT permitted beyond the boom gates installed at the entrances into the college.

4. Comply with all speed limit signs.

5. Pedestrian Gate 5 will be open during daylight hours and close once darkness falls.

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